Who is Iconic Solutions?

Since 2007, Iconic Solutions has been the leader in mobile application design and mobile app development. With offices located in Raleigh, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia and Trichy, India – our team is made up of some of the industry’s best graphic designers, mobile app developers and mobile marketing experts.  We literally live, eat and sleep mobile app development. Our expert team has worked on projects of all sizes and scope – ranging from helping Fortune 500 companies develop and execute entire mobile strategies to creating simple, iPhone apps for individuals.  We’re highly skilled in all areas of mobile app development; including creating native mobile apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows 8 as well as hybrid apps built on web frameworks like Parse, PhoneGap and Titanium.  We also design and develop responsive websites using HTML5 that self-adjust to the screen that they are displayed on, enabling mobile-first content. Iconic Solutions has already created hundreds of custom mobile apps for clients around the world – why not give us a call to see how we can help you go mobile?

What Services Do We Offer?

  • The Best Mobile Developers Around. Guaranteed.

    The Best Mobile Developers Around. Guaranteed.

    Iconic Solutions has assembled the best of the best when it comes to mobile app developers and mobile designers. Our expert teams create custom mobile apps for all platforms, as well as hybrid and web-based mobile applications to fit your business needs. We pride ourselves on our quality of service, simplicity in our mobile designs, and success of our products. Let's get started today!
  • Mobile App Strategy Planning

    Mobile App Strategy Planning

    Saying that your business is ‘mobile ready’ is wrong. Too often, that just means assuring your website renders correctly on a tablet, which completely misses the point of mobility. Let our team help you define, create and execute the perfect mobile strategy today. It's time to embrace mobile!
  • Mobile App Marketing Services

    Mobile App Marketing Services

    Developing your mobile app is only the first part of a mobile strategy – think of it as a single spoke within a broader digital marketing wheel. You need to be assured that people can find your app, download it and more importantly, continue to use it. Our mobile app marketing team can help!
  • Graphic Design and Illustration Services

    Graphic Design and Illustration Services

    We create beautiful designs. Our graphic design services include application mockups and renderings, logo designs, mobile app icon creation, corporate branding, print and digital advertising design, website and mobile app design, web marketing and social media marketing.
  • iPad and Tablet Development

    iPad and Tablet Development

    The only thing better than a mobile app, is a custom designed mobile tablet app – and here at Iconic Solutions, we’re experts at creating visually stunning tablet apps. A Little know fact is that Apple actually began work on the iPad before the iPhone.
  • Responsive Website Development

    Responsive Website Development

    Simply put, responsive websites automatically respond to their environment. Years ago having a website was optional. Today it’s a given. Customers are increasingly using their mobile devices to visit your website. They are more comfortable with the technology and demand more website features.

Who are our customers?

Iconic Solutions has experience with customers of all sizes and budgets for mobile apps, but here are just a few:

What are our products?

Take a look at some of the exciting mobile applications that our team has created  All mobile products

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