It’s Official — Our Clients Think We’re Iconic

We don’t just meet our clients’ needs — we exceed their expectations.

Sure, we provide quality mobile, AI, IoT, and software development. But, we aren’t satisfied by simply providing a stellar product.

Each collaboration offers opportunities to enhance a client’s brand by offering ideas and insight we’ve gathered in the 10+ years we’ve been operating. We solve challenges and simplify lives.

Our latest reviews on the B2B research site Clutch confirm we should continue this approach. Clutch provides an objective third-party where clients can review projects with vendors like us.

These reviews have offered feedback on the full scope of our collaborations, our project management style, and any areas for improvement.

For instance, the CTO of an automotive company spoke with a Clutch analyst about a native iOS and Android app development project. View an objective summary of the project below:


During the engagement, we built complex features such as a barcode scanning functionality. Beyond development, we supported the frontend design of the app as well.

The CTO highlights our can-do attitude, depth of resources, and integrity:

“Iconic Solutions has never turned down a project we’ve given them. More importantly, they’ve consistently delivered apps that look great and function properly.” – CTO, Automotive Company

During this partnership, we enjoyed offering technical suggestions in addition to our design and development work.

Clients seem to appreciate it when we offer advice based on our past experiences. So, we’ve compiled a key tip for our blog readers:

At the end of Clutch reviews, clients are asked if they have any advice for future customers. From browsing Clutch business profiles, we’ve noticed a common answer. Clients should come to the engagement with a plan!

At the end of the review, the CEO advised future clients to, “Have an open and honest conversation with them about what you want. You’ll get comfortable quickly and build a good relationship that will facilitate the rest of the project.”

That relationship enabled us to create a polished solution for the CEO. We’ve pulled a highlighted quote from the feedback below:


We’re thrilled about the five-star review, and we want to create similar experiences for our future clients! You can kickstart a positive partnership by reading details about similar B2B collaborations.

To do this, we recommend researching service providers using Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest. You’ll be able to see a vendor’s previous clients and one notable project. If you’re looking for more examples of past work, look to Visual Objects, Clutch’s third site that displays portfolio items.

We’re eager to hear all the details about your vision. Tell us a bit about your project so we can build something iconic together!

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