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Iconic Solutions was one of the first mobile development companies to be accepted by Apple way back in 2007. We were one of the top development companies then and we have retained the same level of excellence today. From Android to iPhone, and even Blackberry and Windows Mobile, we’ve done it. We’ve been through the ringer so we know how to do it faster and better than the other guys.

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Your head is probably spinning right now

  • Should you build it yourself?
  • Should you hire someone?
  • Who should you hire?
  • What if it’s the wrong hire?

The simple answer to those questions is simply don’t panic. We’ll sit down with you in our Raleigh offices and create a comprehensive plan that covers all of your problems, questions and needs. As we said, we’ve done it before! We’ve seen it, we’ve done it. You should focus on your business. We’ll focus on your app development. We pride ourselves on our quality of service, simplicity in our mobile designs, and success of our products. Our Development Philosophy is that mobile apps should have intelligence built in, be extremely Iterative and above all else, be intuitive and easy to use.

Your App Development Can Be Stress-Free

We recognize that app design is just as important as app performance. Our team consistently creates
apps that not only perform at top levels but also look as good as any other app in the app store


Your Perfect Partner

As the leader in mobile app development, our experienced team is your perfect partner through the creation and production process. Regardless whether you are an established Fortune 500 global leader or a visionary small enterprise, we can create your solution with pizzazz and professionalism across the extensive range of platforms. We immerse ourselves in evolving technology so we deliver the highest level of excellence to you at all times.


Dedicated to working closely with your in-house team to ensure the result exceeds all expectations, our systemized, agile process has been designed to create a customized mobile app that addresses your objectives and provides a conduit to offer trail-blazing technology features to amplify the final capabilities.Whether you require a mobile app to improve overall productivity, a quickly accessible locality and sales platform, a tool to improve communication with your clientele or an interactive testing solution, the diverse skills of our development team is the perfect accompaniment to the originality of your ideas and objectives. Comprehensive testing, performance analysis, adding signature styling, as well as ongoing support and maintenance are essential ingredients in our client brief also to ensure your journey is one of unparalleled distinction.

Mobile App Development provides

A functionality to extend a mobile website to provide a user-experience of excellence

Your mobile app is designed to enhance your customer’s experience with improved accessibility and functionality in a mobile friendly platform. It forms an integral part of your overall online strategy, creating an essential link for additional customer services, purchase availability, customer communication and marketing processes. Once considered a platform for online games, mobile apps are now a strongly accepted platform in a progressive business environment, with uses as varied as the imagination can conjure. Our highly professional and experienced app development team are perfectly positioned to work together with your marketing and management teams to adapt the ideas generated and create a fully-functioning and useful unique Mobile App.

You can expect a smooth evolution

The stages of our agile development process, from the generation of a fresh idea to the production of your unique customized mobile app, are handled with attention and professionalism to ensure that lines of communication are open and your goals and objectives remain paramount.


Our team will discuss your requirements, budget and objectives at length, making suggestions for additional useful features for inclusion, where appropriate.

Time Frame

We'll work with you to create a detailed project plan that includes a timeline for milestones

Mockups & Visuals

A wireframe (blueprint) and full color mock-ups are designed

Visuals Meets Expectations

The mock-up designs will be reviewed with you to clarify requirements and expectations

At this point, our development team digs deep and creates the first draft of the working app
  • Initially the framework is built, much like the framework during the construction of a new building
  • Followed by responsive and active features, like adding the internal cladding and external walls and roofing

This working feature-rich framework is fully tested for functionality, predictability and quality assurance

The Transformation

Then the magic transpires. Just as a building designer will create the color scheme, and add the finishing home décor styling flourishes, your app is perfected so it has the “WOW” factor … the “ICONIC SOLUTIONS” individuality …. that our clients love us for.

Fully-functional Model

We share the feature enriched, fully-functional model with you so you can witness the brilliance of your new Mobile App


We publish your Mobile App to the platforms and use our unparalleled expertise to ensure that it gets noticed fast, so that you experience the most impressive results as quickly as possible.

Support & Maintenance

Our ongoing mobile app support and maintenance program will ensure that updates are executed rapidly as required and continuous

We turn your concept into a full-featured, high-quality app. It’s as simple as that. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies to produce apps that have grown their companies and we can do the same for you. Fill out the form below tor schedule a free consultation today.