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Experts at Getting Your App Noticed!

So you have an app – now what? With over 750,000 mobile applications in iTunes alone, it’s unlikely for users to just stumble across your mobile app… regardless how remarkable it is. Over the last 7 years, our Raleigh-based team has become experts at promoting mobile applications to assure they get into the hands of your customers. Unlike traditional marketing techniques that were developed before mobile – our methods have been created from the ground up specifically for mobile application marketing. Our goals are the same for all of our projects: Get your mobile app noticed through multiple channels and get high user ratings for your app within the stores – all the while ensuring continued use.

Developing Your Mobile App is Only Part of a Mobile Strategy

Think of it as a single spoke within the broader digital ecosystem’s wheel. You need to be assured that people can find your app, download it and continue to use it.

With Iconic Solutions, you’re not just hiring a mobile developer – you’re creating a relationship with a team of mobile experts that are dedicated to making sure your project is successful from start to finish. There is no “one size fits all” approach to mobile app marketing. Each mobile app demands its own unique marketing campaign focused on the specific audience, market vertical and type of app being developed. Developing your mobile app is only the first part. Once development of your app is complete, our mobile marketing team are pros at generating buzz around the launch of your application to drive large amounts of initial downloads – followed by customized, ongoing marketing campaigns that will help your mobile application go viral and generate continued downloads. Making people aware of your mobile app, providing easy ways for them to download you mobile app, and ensuring they continue to use your app are all vital to the overall success of your mobile application.

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