How to improve your click-through rate in 2019

If you want to attract more traffic online, it’s vital that you learn exactly which copywriting techniques generate the most clicks.

The more people click through to your content, the more chance you have of converting enough people into paying customers.

With that in mind, then, let’s take a look at some of the changes you can make to your copy that’ll help improve the number of people that click.

(Handily, these are all changes that you can make quite quickly!)

Consider using a ‘question’ title

As with many of the tweaks you’ll find in this list, the idea of using a ‘question’ title has its roots in classic copywriting psychology.

A question title is exactly that: a title that asks a question. (Usually, it’ll have ‘what’, ‘who’, ‘where’ and ‘why’ in the title somewhere.

So, rather than saying ‘a guide to copywriting’, you might instead have a title like ‘Which 6 changes can you make to copy to improve the click through rate’ or something similar.

Put simply, the reason this works is that it’s far harder to ignore a question directed at you, than it is to ignore a blanket statement.

The other major factor that ensures question titles get better results is that, typically, when someone is searching online, they’re trying to answer a question themselves. They’re thinking of their search in the form of a question, so when they see that question, they’re more likely to click it!

Studies have shown that question titles can improve click-through rates by as much as 14% over non-questions, so consider adding them to your content and seeing how your results improve.

Add numbers to your titles

As a general rule, the more specific you can make your copy, the more likely it is to grab the attention.

One way to add real specifics to a title or description is to add numbers to the copy.

Head onto a site like Buzzfeed or any other clickbait-focused site and you’ll see numbers everywhere:

  • 6 ways you can lose weight while still eating donuts
  • 5 reasons I decided to take up smoking again
  • 3 things I learned when I invaded Area 51

And so on. (Those titles are all made up, but they illustrate the point. For some reason, adding a number to the title just makes the value of the article seem more tangible.

Rather than promising some vague ‘you’ll get better at this’, you’re offering a specific number of actionable tips. That might seem like a small difference, but it really isn’t

Remember, people are searching online for a solution to their problem. And by adding numbers to your titles, you’re making the solution seem more real.

The result? Multiple studies have shown that just by adding numbers to titles, you can massively improve your click-through rates.

Don’t overdo the hype

This is a tip that actually goes against so-called ‘traditional’ marketing.

Take a look at any classic advertising copy, and you’ll see a whole lot of hype-fueled words staring back at you:

  • Amazing
  • Secret
  • Ultimate
  • Powerful
  • Insane

And so on.

And the truth is that back in the earlier days of marketing, using these words did work.

However, in 2019 the simple fact is that web users are hugely desensitized to this kind of hype. In fact, using these words makes it far more likely that users will dismiss your copy, writing it off as just ‘scam’ copy.

Which, needless to say, is not the impression you want to give.

Now, there are some exceptions. If you combine these words with the other techniques on this list, they might work OK. (Again, think of the clickbait titles on sites like Buzzfeed.)

However, you should definitely steer clear if you’re working on a website or social content for your business. The simple fact is that in 2019, using this kind of copy at best looks a bit sleazy.

At worst, it can cause people to write your business off before they even look at what you’ve got to offer!

Try to add value immediately

Almost the most important thing to remember when writing copy is, simply, that users only care what’s in it for them.

So, if your work has a real value (and it should) be sure to add that value to your title and content descriptions.

Think of the difference between these two titles:

  • 6 mobile design tips
  • 6 mobile design tips (proven to lead to more money)

Which of the two is better? Hopefully, the answer is obvious.

Because, in the end, it offers people the solution they want. Remember, people don’t want a better design for its own sake: they want a better design because it’ll make them more money!

This is about the easiest change you can make to your titles to make them more appealing.

Honestly, add a single benefit to your blog and post titles, and see click through rates increase fast.

Oh, and here’s how you can start using them…

Add brackets

This one is hard to explain. It’s been proven to work well, which is why you’ll see the technique used everywhere.

But as to why it works?

Well, that’s debatable. Some people think it makes titles look more unique. Other people think it just makes them look more interesting.

Either way, using brackets in titles means more clicks through to the page.

Typically, brackets work perfectly for adding that additional benefit we were just talking about.

Take a look at some of these headlines (we’ve just made up to illustrate the point)…

  • 7 weight loss meals (you can make in five minutes)
  • 4 old-school copywriting tactics (that can make you $2,000 per month)
  • 6 millionaire sportsmen (who want to help you get fitter)

The best use of brackets is to add a benefit or a detail that makes the title even MORE intriguing.

If you can write a title that’s good, and then add a further benefit or twist on the story in a bracket, then you’re almost guaranteed to get clicks.

Now, it’s worth mentioning here that some people want to try and avoid using tricks like these on the basis that they can feel a bit too ‘salesy’.

In one sense, that’s understandable. However, the brutal truth is that every single day, thousands of websites are uploaded to the web, and every single one of those pages is now competing with your business for attention.

The simple fact is that if you’re going to stand out, you need to try and grab attention immediately. Copy strategies like this might seem a bit gimmicky, but there’s a reason that sites like Buzzfeed use them relentlessly: because they do actually work!

So, it’s your decision. But if you want to get more traffic to your content, in order to try and increase conversions, give these strategies a try. You might be amazed by the results you see.

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